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awesome game

Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


did a let's play on this game nice game :)


great game


Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I played your game, and I made a let's play video of it.

I thought this game was really beautiful and meaningful.

Thank you for making it.


How to make the game even more depressing: when you outside and go to place where window should supposedly be, you see that the street view is only an image from some projector.

You know, I really like your way of thinking. You kinda feel this all


I have an idea for the voices around that label in the air: playing audiorecording of Josiph Brodskiy reading his poem "Don't leave your room, don't make a mistake". Or maybe in the hall, when you look at the door.

I've made this piece after reading that poem x)


Love this game!! It's really fun and realatable, sometimes. But one thing you should add to the game is a city that we can go explore in! I think that would be super fun!!



Love it! So meaningful and pretty!



this was relatable, and the art is beautiful.


I thought this video game was beautiful. Covered it on my channel:

Thank you! ^^

how do you play it

for some strange reason i cant play this game, idk where to play it. :(


uh, Potatos56, come on, stop complaining. like it was meant to be played in some particular way :D


way this game rocks

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Very interesting game. I would be interested in seeing it extended. Anxiety and depression are all to familiar to me, so I could easily relate.

I share more of my thoughts, along with other games, here:


This game was very unique, kinda disappointed there wasn't an ending, really enjoyed this though.

Thanks! ^^


Great little experience, letting you see the world through someone else's eyes, experiencing their anxiety. Thank you for this Alex, I look forward to your next piece/ game.

Thanks! ^^

Hey Alex! I really want to make a game based around my narcolepsy, if you are interested at all let ne know (:

Sounds quite interesting, though I do not know much about this state. We can talk on FB if you have some ideas :)

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Why is there no achievment for throwing every physics object into the void? lol

Looks actually quite peaceful without all the clutter: link

Except the hallway, the hallway is haunting: link

I'll work on it lol xD


how to kill self

there's no way lol


Nice sketch. Well done. Nice graphics, great sound. I ran it on Linux (Ubuntu).


I kinda rambled in my video but only because I understand this game in it's entirety. This game speaks on a multitude of levels and you captured a lot of it, but a lot isn't expained, I'm not sure if that's the point though. You understand the character is heart broken but what's with the abundance of shoes and the coat by the door, why put it on if you don't want to leave. Loved the music and especially the graphics, I could of played a game that looks like this for hours!

My let's play:

I liked the game, but I wish it had a conclusion. I was going to do a Lumps Play QUICKIE of it, but I don't think it'd work out very well. I enjoyed it nevertheless, and hope you make more games!

Could you make a Linux port please. Thanks.

I've uploaded a Linux build, my friend. Hopefully it works, because I can't test it.


Just letting you know, it works on Linux :)


Deleted post

A little Game with a deeper Meaning.

Well done!!!


Thank you! ^_^

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