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i really like the game, wish there's more thing to do, but yeah, it's kinda gay




I will admit though, it is fun to throw objects down the "dont leave the room area" XD



Hi, I just downloaded it and I'll be back to tell you what I thin

Look my friend, the game is beautiful, the setting is wonderful, and I was surprised when I opened the curtain, and for many it is really not good to leave the room since it is a safe place


Opening the curtains was really big, I didn't expect to see the sunlight shining onto the bed but it really made everything look really pretty!! <3 10/10 made a mess with the books


An interesting experience. 

I want that mirror in my room!


Vague memories of this game. Typing random familiar letters into google was effective in finding it again.


Either way, it's good to be back.


the email in the game really made me angry



I love the games u have! So pretty and nice UwU. U have truly been blessed with the power of UwUs and OwOs.

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really good game(i found it like a 3 years ago and still waiting for "I hope to extend it someday") :D


well you could play Routine Feat, check out my profile. It's not exactly the extention, but the moods are quite similar


I would like to say that I love your content and consider it amazing

Thank you! 💘




hi- great game! i have been wondering what is the song that plays at the beginning when you load in? can you send a link to it if you can? i really like it


Hey hey, there's no song, a friend of mine had recorded a short sample for the game a few years ago. Sorry.

Ah, gotcha. All good. Thanks for responding!

interesting but also depressing game...

but besides simulating what the life of a hikikomori looks like, there isn't much to the game itself.

there aren't many things to interact with (would have been interesting if you added the "purchase food online" function to the game and added a bathroom the character could use), no "secret ending" one could try to achieve (*wink* *wink* window *wink* *wink*) and there is an invisible wall beyond the door.

i noticed some typos in the texts that come up when you look outside of the door such as "What if i say something stupig"

off-topic btw but after reading the email in the game and taking a look on your twitter account, i was kinda happy to find out that you are gay :)


Yeah, "stupiG" is kinda local meme already. But I usually do not debug my stuff a lot. Anyway thanks for pointing out those little things that should be fixed!

About the secret ending -- that's not how we should deal with our problems, so that's not an option!!1

And yeah, I'm gay and depressed a little, and so are my games. Which is quite stereotypical but there's not much I can do about it on my own (I think).


"that's not how we should deal with our problems"

i agree but this is a game, not real life.

i'm just suggesting ways to add more interactivity, i'm not forcing them on you.

>gay and depressed

just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (i mean, i got it under control and i'm a half-gay)

also i don't think it's a stereotype, integrating your emotions and feelings in your games makes them feel more alive, more "from the bottom of one's soul" so to speak.

so you don't have to worry about that much haha


Yeah, about your suggestions -- I like them, it's just that I am lazy at the moment :D And anyway thank you! Oh, and it is so inspiring to find a person who kinda understands me, all that feelings and game stuff :3


Saw Solitudo a while back and finally decided to play it. It's short, but interesting, and gives the player something to think about. And the graphical style looks really nice as well, which I feel helps the overall theme that seems present. Something more detailed may have made a message too heavy.

Good job, dev.

You call it an experience, I call it an fps tutorial


I made a video about your game a time ago and i want to show you it. Is in spanish but have subtitles if is a problem. Enjoy it!

Hice un video de este juego en español y pueden disfrutarlo justo aquí.

You have to say "It is spanish but you can turn subtitles on if it's a problem".

Ok, thanks

is this based on "hikikomori" in japanese word?


This is like my life where I cannot leave my house half the time because I struggle with the same problems... Good game overall though

really nice and calming and has another side to the game which i like.


Great little project! Looks great and realy conveys the atmosphere.

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thsi is the most amazing game ever! im not even joking as soon as i entered all i wanted to do is eplore and move the things around. im pretty sure this game took effort but do you think you could ever create it where the girl finally gets the courage to  goe out in to the world and then explores there?? if not thats honestly ok i still adore this game

Hey hey, thanks! I am actually working on a game of similar genre, you can check my social media like tw if you want to follow :")


same here!!!!! i love your game sooo sooo much keep going! i also played your game called after midnight i was so happy you made that one as well...i LOVE all your games :D

Aawww :3 Thank you! 

how did you make this game?

Using Unity and Blender

Same thing i use!

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Yay! :3

Good game.

i have 52 hours on this game. i dont even know how lol. its a great game try to make more like it

That's inspiring!


oh you are funny。i love your game


I didn't open the door....I'm an idiot haha


im not the only one who tried to get out of the room by moving towards the words right??? it was an upsettingly relatable game which was simple but also meaningful. thanks for this, and i hope you extend this someday too!


what a nice game,hopefully there will be more to this game in the future

I did a run through off this last year. Here ya go and good luck.


I really liked your game! It ran great and the graphic style was different and appealing. I wished there was a bit more content, though! I hope you "extend it someday" as well :)

Made you a Lumps Play for it. Lumps Plays are Let's Plays with pop-up bubble comments, you'll like it :)

Cheers and thanks so much for making the game and I hope you continue. 🍻

It's an interesting concept of an idea of how it goes in some peoples lives...

pretty great, but a little laggy. keep up the good work!

Deleted post

Trying it out,once I played it ,I will reply to my own comment saying what I think about it.

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