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Just a sketch. Five minute experience. I hope to extend it someday.


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Solitudo (Windows) 19 MB
Solitudo (Mac) 22 MB
Solitudo (Linux) 33 MB
Solitudo OST 3 MB


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You call it an experience, I call it an fps tutorial


I made a video about your game a time ago and i want to show you it. Is in spanish but have subtitles if is a problem. Enjoy it!

Hice un video de este juego en español y pueden disfrutarlo justo aquí.

is this based on "hikikomori" in japanese word?


This is like my life where I cannot leave my house half the time because I struggle with the same problems... Good game overall though

really nice and calming and has another side to the game which i like.


Great little project! Looks great and realy conveys the atmosphere.

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thsi is the most amazing game ever! im not even joking as soon as i entered all i wanted to do is eplore and move the things around. im pretty sure this game took effort but do you think you could ever create it where the girl finally gets the courage to  goe out in to the world and then explores there?? if not thats honestly ok i still adore this game

Hey hey, thanks! I am actually working on a game of similar genre, you can check my social media like tw if you want to follow :")


same here!!!!! i love your game sooo sooo much keep going! i also played your game called after midnight i was so happy you made that one as well...i LOVE all your games :D

Aawww :3 Thank you! 

how did you make this game?

Using Unity and Blender

Same thing i use!

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Yay! :3

Good game.

i have 52 hours on this game. i dont even know how lol. its a great game try to make more like it

That's inspiring!


Thank you for this game. It was really a nice little experience. I'm a big fan of games of this kind, so feel free to develop some more of this. c:

I even made a videoabout it (but only in German). Just to give the game a little bit more attention.

Thanks again. And keep it up!


oh you are funny。i love your game


I didn't open the door....I'm an idiot haha


im not the only one who tried to get out of the room by moving towards the words right??? it was an upsettingly relatable game which was simple but also meaningful. thanks for this, and i hope you extend this someday too!


what a nice game,hopefully there will be more to this game in the future

I did a run through off this last year. Here ya go and good luck.


I really liked your game! It ran great and the graphic style was different and appealing. I wished there was a bit more content, though! I hope you "extend it someday" as well :)

Made you a Lumps Play for it. Lumps Plays are Let's Plays with pop-up bubble comments, you'll like it :)

Cheers and thanks so much for making the game and I hope you continue. 🍻

It's an interesting concept of an idea of how it goes in some peoples lives...


An interesting little idea, and very relatable to me- but also helps me compare how I am now to the anxious little antisocial I was but a few months ago~

pretty great, but a little laggy. keep up the good work!


Trying it out,once I played it ,I will reply to my own comment saying what I think about it.


the note said there is a bathroom in this game  but i can't find it  i wanna to find it ;(


That's a wonderful thing! I love it so much

Thanks ^_^


i really enjoyed this game! its really good how this can actually relate to real life! just... not good when people leave you :( anyways really good job on creating this game!

Thanks :)


awesome game

Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


did a let's play on this game nice game :)


great game


Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I played your game, and I made a let's play video of it.

I thought this game was really beautiful and meaningful.

Thank you for making it.


How to make the game even more depressing: when you outside and go to place where window should supposedly be, you see that the street view is only an image from some projector.

You know, I really like your way of thinking. You kinda feel this all


I have an idea for the voices around that label in the air: playing audiorecording of Josiph Brodskiy reading his poem "Don't leave your room, don't make a mistake". Or maybe in the hall, when you look at the door.

I've made this piece after reading that poem x)


Love this game!! It's really fun and realatable, sometimes. But one thing you should add to the game is a city that we can go explore in! I think that would be super fun!!



Love it! So meaningful and pretty!



this was relatable, and the art is beautiful.


I thought this video game was beautiful. Covered it on my channel:

Thank you! ^^

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