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This is...hard to describe. 

The moment i woke up in the apartment and started looking around the rooms... 

i felt a feeling of both loneliness and nostalgia so strong that it was bordering on surrealism. 

and as i exited the building and start walking around the courtyard, it only got stronger.

maybe it's the fact that i hail from an ex-USSR country (Moldova) where such settings aren't uncommon is why this game affects me this much but i believe that it's sad3d's amazing recreation of this unique ambience which really sells the game off.

Молодец, дружище. 

Ты построел штота который ретка можно найти.

Бути гордым!


Thank you! <3


Oh, and I would be so happy if you rated the game :3


i will, i barely made my account just so i could comment on it.



i hope your game gets big because something like this deserves to be shown to the world.


btw i noticed some typos during the transitions and in some of the pages the character writes.

I'll check the texts then! Thanks :) 


Thank you! This relates to my life very much.

Btw: Dream's end window is not localized to English.

Thank you for the feedback! I've fixed it just a few minutes ago.


I look forward to spending a lot of time in the game. thanks be continued...


Looks great! Can you please mark your downloads for windows and mac otherwise the launcher will not work.

Thank you!  Fixed it! 


Thank you for fixing it so fast


Love the vibe, amazing work. I will update later when I have enough time to play it. 

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