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the game doesnt open (I have macOS 12.3.1)


I read the writings in the books and on the paper. I mean they're very sentimental and probably strike my soul for several times. I want to know whether they're your real thoughts or they're just for the game.


I mean I found the poetries beautifully written and these short stories of stream of consciousness hitting me.

I like your game!

No kidding,it is one of my favorite games.And I have recommended it to my friend!

To my surprise,the game is not so popular.(what a pity) Please don't worry,I hope you will make more great game.

(My English isn't good,may be wrong .  owo)

I love this game, while i was playing i found out i can do this kind of stuff, it fixed afther the fourth bus so its ok 


Just started playing this game today and i love it :>

But i don't know how to save my progress so can someone pls tell me how. tvt

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I played the game for a while, got through a few days with general boredom, decided to try and walk to see if that'd let me skip the bus, and I clipped through the floor upon hitting an invisible object and was forced to quit. Didn't even save my progress.
Other than that, the music that I couldn't find the source of near the playground irritated me, and while I was just exploring I fell through a building while climbing a ladder.

Quick Edit: My boredom is just my personal experience, someone else probably would find this relaxing. I just don't really understand that.


That's okay, I totally understand


Hi! I have macOS Monterey but this game won't open. Is it not for this ver or is my computer dum

Awesome game. Easy to lose track of time playing it. So the bus crashes in the Win64 download but not in the Win32. Yeah we loved it.

i downloaded this game a couple years ago but i still play it often ! there's something very special about it

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very relaxing aside from the fact that i was able to consume an entire pack of pills,  jump off a roof and get into a bus crash within the first 7 minutes of playing


what are the pc requirements to run this game

The mouse is so sensitive it makes the game unplayable.


you can adjust the sensitivity with F7 and F8

Wow, that's an interesting experience. And the art is very stylish. Thanks and keep up the good work!

hey in arch linux with MATE, for some reason, everything is black :(

Works for me.. are you sure you allowed execution and updated sdl?


It gives these nostalgic/melancholic vibes and it's so calming to play. I haven't encountered any of the bugs people mention in other ratings, so I highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to relax and have a good time.


why are the colors so pale?



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pretty nice in the cottage
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Yea this game is glitchy lol but its funny


Fell out the map and the game said "You failed" nice.

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the bus is driving of to the distance...


this bus seems to be off the road... by quite a bit...


I was in the bus and the whole thing  just broke lol.
I think this is a glitch but what the heck xD

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alright, now another bus came and also broke down when it crashed. 


Nice game

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Привет, Автор и остальные люди! Эта игра атмосферная, музыка и графика класс. Но у меня параноя, и мне всегда становится как-то страшновато от музона, звуков и зеркал(я просто их боюсь)😅. А ещё я в своей хате везде и всегда включаю свет😔👉👈.

wonder how many people speedran this


For example me :D

P.S: If you want to chat with me about speedrunning this game, you can write to me in discord - VehicleRonald#1949

всем привет, возникла очень большая проблема .
пишет что у меня нет разрешения на открытия программы 
обратитесь к администратору вашего компьютера или к администратору сети за помощью.
cуть в том , что я владелец macOS и являюсь администратором.
пересмотрела все возможные сайты для решения проблемы ,все шаги идентичны , но тем не менее все так же выскакивает эта ошибка, что делать?может кто нибудь знает?...
буду очень признательна если кто-то знает в чем дело🥺


Чувак ты суперски-крутой,эта игра очень атмосферная,давно я не наслаждалась таким крутым графоном.Эта игра как и ШХД:Зима возвращает меня в детство.^^Я бы поддержала игру деньгами,но из-за бедной студенческой жизни не могу:^(


I have noticed this game for a long time, because I am from Russia and it is because of the scenery that I laid my eyes on this project, because it knocks deep into my soul, causing some deep and pleasant feelings

< 3

Блин, очень милый отзыв :ООО

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The game looks awesome but I can't seem to get the games to run when using my dedicated graphic card GTX 950m. I got 2 error logs. Want me to post them here? 

- I'm on Windows 8.1, 64b

- I have installed latest drivers on my graphic card 

- I have tried both with the client and downloaded the game directly, still doesn't work

Any help is appreciated!

It's relaxing 

Im on Ubuntu, the game doesn't starts. HEEELP

What  would you say is the relationship between this game and "It's Winter" ?

impossible to play, grabbing someting with the mouse left button, 75% doesn't work, the camera sensitivity? tuned it up to max and still you can move your camera faster in doom than this

I had no such issues, grabbing and tossing things around was a lot of fun. The camera felt a bit weird at the beginning but you quickly get used to it and it feels fine

also this:

Ты просто талантище, чувак! в который раз играю в твои игры и постоянно выключаюсь из мира на часа 3-4. Спасибо что даешь такую атмосферу, только не забрасывай это. Конечно хотелось бы сделать больше игр с российской атмосферой) Лучшая игра, спасибо, что делаешь такие шедевры

I've never seen anything like it, good job!

Просто чудесно! Напишу свои мысли на русском языке.. Игра мне понравилась оригинальностью, и атмосферой! Это что то родное.. Эти дома, квартиры, звуки, дворы, гаражи.. Очень хочу глобальную версию этого чуда в плане целого города, население города! Это лучшее что я видел! Напоминает ШХД: Зима.

Спасибочки! Я работал над ШХД: Зима, поэтому немудрено, что напоминает :)


this is art. absolutely amazing game that i will revisit again and again. thank you for making this game !

is there a way to get a refund :") i have a mac and i cant run it at all meep


the game looks beautiful though


please contact support via or email directly to

the game does not cost money

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