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A game about stucking in a routine.


If you play his game in hope to win, you will end up with an irritating feeling inside of you. Nothing else. But if you stop and take a breath of air, then you might like it.

делою игру

Just look around, listen to the songs, gaze at  green leaves and do not hurry.



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Routine Feat — English Version (Windows) 237 MB
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Routine Feat — Russian Version (Windows) 238 MB
Routine Feat — Russian Version (Mac) 257 MB

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Осколок детства...


Not a formal review, but several thoughts on Routine Feat…

I’d like to praise the atmosphere because, although it’s not a place that’s part of my own memories, there is a pleasant, nostalgic feeling, even in the mundane moments. My one point of criticism is that I wonder if quickening certain aspects of the game may actually lend to the player tolerating more repetition – even if it sounds at odds with the theme. I didn’t mind how expansive areas were, but the movement speed sometime tried my patience. The dream sequences were something in particular I wish were easier to explore more in full, and I definitely would have made it through more days were that the case. With that said, I still appreciate the experience moving slower than others. Thanks for uploading your work.

the trailer is like chernobyl


давно следила за созданием этой игры. рада, что она всё-таки вышла. жаль, я узнала об этом только сейчас.

лучше поздно чем никогда :з


This is so nice and quiet. Like it, indeed.

Somehow the mousecontrols seem to be broken. It is impossible to turn around smoothly, which makes the game a pain to play. Is there a way I could fix this issue?

This game is broken in every sense and I think you have no choice but to embrace its flaws. Or you could play it with lower resolution settings, that also might help.

Ok. Thank you for your reply!


Looked at the screenshots for a split second. Scrolled down to see if the game was Russian. Bingo)) 

Looking forward to playing it

Beautiful game. Loved the dreams, the verticality and sense of perspective on them really set them apart from other representations of dreams in media. Bus driving was great, wish it was longer. Either way, a wonderful experience.
On a separate note, does anyone know where to find the songs that play on the radio? Really enjoyed one of them and would love to hear it while I do my breakfast, in real life.

Hi, you can find the names and authors of all the songs playing in the game if you press “Acknowledgements” button in the Main Menu.  Also I've just made a list here on itch.io: 


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Don't know why I didn't think of looking there, not my proudest moment. Thank you so much for the list, it was actually "Футболка" that I was looking for ( I don't know a word of  russian, but I love the voice and piano). Wish you a good day! 


Have a great day too! <3


As someone born and raised in polish post-communist block apartment estate, i have to admit that this game gave me some kind of comfy feeling. Great title.

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This is my all time favorite game. I love all your games, but this one is just amazing. It kind of feels like, you know, an escape? Or a substitute for real life. (Probably not what was intended, but okay). It's so beautiful... I could play this all day. Honestly, I like doing everything but what is mandatory to progress through the days. Like making sandwiches and swinging on swings and drinking out of random bottles on the roof and breaking into people's houses. I can tell so much effort was put into this. Thank you for putting the time and effort into making such a beautiful game! <3 You probably don't need to know this but I'm hoping to make a gaming YouTube channel so I can play all of your games there. :) Thank you for being awesome!

Thank you! c:


It might have just been me but the mouse sensitivity was too high. I couldn't find a place to change it in the settings and in the windows settings it didn't work. Do you think you could create an option to change it if anyboty elts has the same issue. It looks like a good game, but my mouse is bad.


Uh oh... You could try lower quality and resolution settings, it is weird but it might really help with mouse sensitivity

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ok will try




this game brought home a whole new level of nostalgia for me. i am half russian on my mom's side, but we immigrated to america when i was still an infant. we used to visit every two years or so, but it's been a while since i've found myself back in chita. the design of the kukhnya v kvartire, the podyezd, and the old soviet playground just launched me back to where i miss most. thank you for this, as i have not seen any other type of media to this element before :') truly a gorgeous game, i cannot wait to play more

p.s., how might one change the language from english to russian and vice versa?

spasibo :>

Hey hey, I'm glad you liked it :) 

To be honest I didn't expect the game to be so nostalgic because basically these houses and apartments are parts of my and my friends' reality :D 

Unfortunately you cannot change the language in-game, you have to download and launch a separate build. 


this is really beautiful and it makes me feel nostalgic. thank you so much for making this amazing game.

Thank you! c:


lovely game by great guy from russia. glad to find this peace of art, that hit me right in the soul. my childhood was spent in a similar city, so I can say that the atmosphere of panelki and emptiness was transmitted very accurately and in "It's Winter" even stronger. would love to see new works! peace!


i really like this! walking around and discovering places and little areas with music playing was delightful and i particularly loved the dream sequences. i want to meet the person living in the apartment complex who always has the pink light on when i come home from work.


just realised you also worked on "it's winter", i knew there was a similar vibe!! love your work!!!

Thank you! <3


The lighting in the game was one of my favorite parts in the game, except the story of course. The story really hit home at least for me. That routine that won't let you be creative is something I think a lot of people go through. The game was very nice and beautiful to play, the books in the room were all so nice to read.

You did a really good job and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future. Definitely a fan of your work! 

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Routine Feat is an...interesting game/experience. Definitely something that seems relatable to most, at least to some degree. The overall theme of crushing repetition seems like something that would hit close with a lot of people. In a lighter point, I really enjoyed the unique visuals and dreamlike music.

Good job, dev. You seem to have a thing for making life experiences in game form.


This is...hard to describe. 

The moment i woke up in the apartment and started looking around the rooms... 

i felt a feeling of both loneliness and nostalgia so strong that it was bordering on surrealism. 

and as i exited the building and start walking around the courtyard, it only got stronger.

maybe it's the fact that i hail from an ex-USSR country (Moldova) where such settings aren't uncommon is why this game affects me this much but i believe that it's sad3d's amazing recreation of this unique ambience which really sells the game off.

Молодец, дружище. 

Ты построел штота который ретка можно найти.

Бути гордым!


Thank you! <3


Oh, and I would be so happy if you rated the game :3


i will, i barely made my account just so i could comment on it.



i hope your game gets big because something like this deserves to be shown to the world.


btw i noticed some typos during the transitions and in some of the pages the character writes.

I'll check the texts then! Thanks :) 


Thank you! This relates to my life very much.

Btw: Dream's end window is not localized to English.

Thank you for the feedback! I've fixed it just a few minutes ago.


I look forward to spending a lot of time in the game. thanks

...to be continued...


Looks great! Can you please mark your downloads for windows and mac otherwise the launcher will not work.

Thank you!  Fixed it! 


Thank you for fixing it so fast


Love the vibe, amazing work. I will update later when I have enough time to play it.