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This is what I wanted Fe to be like! Thanks for making it.


idk this felt like home to me but like a alternate version

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Cool atmosphere! Had a nice time collecting mushs and immersed in the mood. Love minimalist walk-sims and exploration :)

Thank you for playing! I’m happy you liked it :)


Nicely atmospheric, a fun little walk, and i liked the little touches like the glowing animals.


this game is fun i hope you guys add mouse sensisivity i think its a little fast 

Just wondering, is there a limit to the number of mushrooms that one can collect?

there's no limit


Nice forest, I've tried to make a little story with it! I hope you'll like it and thanks for sharing the game.


Not really any horror, was actually expecting unsettling things in the event that you collect enough mushrooms - mild disappointment, but it is essentially a 100% Walking simulator with atmosphere.


Neat visuals and the audio was awesome, very unsettling. Also, that was one dense canopy of trees.


A nice one!